Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Makin Bacon

Today was a very rewarding day. many days are rewarding around here but today was kinda special. One of my students, actually the very first student who came to my very first cooking class, who also, has never cooked anything in his life....until now, came to me last week and asked me if I would teach him how to make bacon, because he wanted to cook his wife breakfast in bed for her birthday.

A few weeks ago, he asked if we could do a class on eggs and so we did. - we learned how to properly boil  and scramble and fry, and how to make a proper omelette.
So, the same student fried his wife a couple of eggs one day- he has never cooked a thing in his life before.
So, here we are today- frying bacon so he can cook his wife breakfast in  bed for her birthday.

great day!!!

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