Monday, 23 July 2012

New! Improved!!! Now more delicious!!!

As many people know, the Fredericton Food Bank has changed locations. We’re no longer on Grandame St but have moved to much more spacious surroundings on Riverside Dr, at the old Green Village nursery location.

New space makes room for new ideas and Our Greener Kitchen is one of them. Clients tell us that they are interested in feeding their families healthy, nutritionally sound meals while sticking to a budget. There’s a myth out there that people have to chose between eating good food that nourishes their families and inexpensive food. We are here to put an end to that myth. Good food IS affordable. In fact, it’s highly processed foods that raise the grocery bill through the ceiling.

So what keeps people from eating inexpensive meals? Part of the problem is lack of knowledge. Over the past few decades, the skills our grandmothers took for granted have been lost. One of our goals at Our Greener Kitchen is to bring that knowledge back to our own kitchens. This is where our teaching kitchen project will come into play. If you wanted to learn about canning, preserving, or different cuisines, such as vegetarian, Indian or Asian, we’ll be offering classes in some of these areas in the future.

Right now,  we’re at work developing and testing recipes, new and old, to give to our clients. At various times throughout the year, we’ll be handing out samples at the Food Bank on hamper day. Our Greener Kitchen recipes will be posted here and will be available at the Food Bank. Often, the featured recipe will be an Choice Pack option for food bank clients.

We’re passionate about good food for everyone, so watch this space for the tasty ideas percolating in Our Greener Kitchen. 

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